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   Species and Ecosystems at Risk in B.C.


British Columbia is home to tens of thousands of plant and animal species living in a rich diversity of habitats. Many of these species and their habitats are at risk of extinction or extirpation.

This site is a gateway to information about species and ecological communities (ecosystems) at risk in B.C.

What is B.C.’s approach to managing species at risk in B.C.?
British Columbia has developed a Five-Year Plan for species at risk. This plan is a strategic document that sets out those high-level management actions that British Columbia plans to take to improve management of species at risk in B.C.

How do we determine what species and ecological communities are at risk?
The British Columbia Conservation Data Centre systematically collects and disseminates information on plants, animals and ecosystems (ecological communities) at risk in British Columbia.


How can I find information on species and ecological communities at risk?
BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer is a source of authoritative conservation information on plants and animals, and ecological communities (ecosystems) in British Columbia.


How do we determine priorities for conservation action?
The Conservation Framework is British Columbia’s approach for guiding effective conservation actions in the province.


What do we do once we know a species is at risk?
Recovery planning is a process to identify and facilitate the implementation of priority actions to ensure the survival and recovery of species and ecosystems at risk.


How do we provide legal protection for species at risk in B.C.?
This page provides information about legislation pertaining to species at risk in British Columbia.


Species at Risk: A Draft Five Year Plan for British Columbia
Species at Risk Screensaver