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Conservation Framework

To execute a search on priorities you must choose both a Priority Type and a Priority.

Priority Type:

HIGHEST: Each species’ and ecological community’s highest Conservation Framework priority among all three Goals.

GOAL 1: Contribute to global efforts for species and ecosystem conservation.

GOAL 2: Prevent species and ecosystems from becoming at risk.

GOAL 3: Maintain the diversity of native species and ecosystems.

Priority: The conservation priority of the species or ecological community. Select a value ranging from 1 (highest priority) to 6 (lowest priority). Note that you must select a value in order to search by priority (a blank value results in no search criteria being applied).

Action Group

To search by the Action Group(s) to which the species or ecological communities have been assigned, select one or more values from the list. To select more than one Action Group, hold down the Ctrl key while making selections. Note: if Priority is left blank and one or more Action Groups is selected, the search results will include all species or ecosystems assigned to that group regardless of the assigned Priority.

For a list of action groups and their full descriptions, click here.

For more information about the Conservation Framework, please visit the website at: