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BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer:
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Welcome to BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer, a source for authoritative conservation information on approximately 7400 plants and animals, and over 600 ecological communities (ecosystems) in British Columbia. Marmot

Use BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer to generate lists of provincial species and ecological communities based on a number of criteria options, including conservation or legal status, and spatial distribution. Print results, or download them to Excel. Access related reports and documents.

To launch BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer, click the Start button.


Search capabilities and results include:

  • All Vertebrates, Dragonflies, Damselflies, Tiger Beetles, Butterflies, non-marine Molluscs, Vascular Plants and Mosses.
  • All ecological communities currently documented and ranked by the CDC. This list is regularly expanded as new classification and mapping information becomes available.
  • Conservation status value: global and provincial, Red and Blue List, and COSEWIC.
  • Legal designation under the Federal Species at Risk Act (SARA), Identified Wildlife and the Provincial Wildlife Act.
  • Forest District, Regional District and Ministry of Environment Regions for all ecological communities, and Red- and Blue-listed animals and vascular plant species.
  • Biogeoclimatic units (to subzone, variant and phase), and ecosections for ecological communities.
  • Biogeoclimatic zones for Red- and Blue-listed animals and vascular plant species.

2014/15 Changes Access descriptions of 2014/15 changes to species and ecological community lists.
Ecological Community Information Visit the Conservation Data Centre Ecology page for methodology and conservation status ranking information about British Columbia's ecological communities.
NatureServe Explorer For information about B.C. species on a global scale, or about species that live outside B.C., visit NatureServe Explorer.
Archived Changes Conservation Status Rank annual change documents,  2006 to present