Overview of parks closed due to extreme wildfire hazard Overview of parks closed due to extreme wildfire hazard

Important BC Wildfire Updates

The vast majority of provincial parks are open to the public and continue to accept visitors.
Please see BC Parks Listed Alphabetically to find a park that’s currently open.

A number of provincial parks are closed in the areas currently impacted by wildfires. A list of closed parks can be found below. All other provincial parks remain open.

Public Reminders:

  • BC Parks Rangers hold legislative authority to act as Peace Officers.
  • British Columbians and visitors are urged to follow the instructions of BC Parks Rangers, BC Wildfire Service officials, Conservation Officers, and other authorized personnel in the area.

Parks closed due to extreme wildfire hazard

All parks and protected areas listed below are closed for public safety and shall not be accessed due to extreme wildfire hazard.

  • Due to the serious nature of the current wildfire situation, BC Parks, in co-ordination with the BC Wildfire Service, has closed numerous parks to protect public safety.
  • Prior to closing BC Parks, multiple factors are taken into consideration such as: weather conditions and forecasts, access routes, presence of active fires and fire danger ratings.
  • Wildfires are dynamic and circumstances change quickly. BC Parks and the BC Wildfire Service assess situations on an daily basis.
  • Additional provincial park closures may be enacted throughout the summer. Visitors and businesses should plan accordingly.
  • BC Wildfire Service is fighting multiple interface fires throughout the province. Closure of BC Parks in the areas of these fires was, and is, necessary to support those efforts.
  • British Columbians and visitors are urged to follow the instructions of BC Parks staff, BC Wildfire Service officials, RCMP, Conservation Officers, and other authorized personnel in the area.
  • Eleven Sisters Provincial Park
  • Fraser River Breaks Provincial Park
  • Green Lake Provincial Park
  • Junction Sheep Range Provincial Park
  • Kluskoil Lake Provincial Park
  • Narcosli Lake Ecological Reserve
  • Nazko Lake Provincial Park
  • Nuntsi Provincial Park
  • Redbrush Provincial Park
  • Ts’ilʔos Provincial Park
  • Upper Seymour River Provincial Park
  • White Pelican Provincial Park
  • Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park

Parks partially closed due to extreme wildfire

Parks re-opened for recreational use

Information for Campers

Emergency Social Services Referrals for evacuees for accommodation

BC Parks will be honouring Emergency Social Services Referral Forms (vouchers) that are provided by Emergency Reception Centres to evacuees for accommodation. For more information on open emergency reception centres and information on what to do if you are evacuated from your home please visit: What to do if evacuated from your home.

Note for reservation holders

  • Reservations with arrival dates up to and including September 20, 2017 for the above listed parks, will be automatically cancelled and refunded through Discover Camping. As or when further closures are confirmed by authorities, additional refunds will be given as required.
  • Reservations for parks not listed as closed, but where the route to get there is inaccessible due to wildfire-related road closures, will be refunded. These customers can contact the call centre at 1 800 689-9025.
  • Customers are encouraged to continue checking www.bcparks.ca for the latest information.
  • Due to the current wildfire situation, a temporary exception to the Discover Camping refund policy will allow for refunds due to poor air quality caused by wildfire. Under this exception, cancellations for air quality reasons will be allowed within 7 days of an arrival date and camping fees will be refunded (less reservation/transaction fees) if an AQHI rating of 7 or more is present in the area on the date of cancellation. Campers are advised to check the Air Quality Health Index for the latest air quality information: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/epd/bcairquality/readings/aqhi-table.xml If campers wish to cancel their reservations for a park where poor air quality is caused by wildfire, campers can apply online through /bcparks/reserve/dc_refund_guidelines.html. Campers who have already arrived in a park must request any applicable refund from the Park Operator directly. The air quality situation is monitored regularly as air quality is highly transient and unpredictable.

Note for park visitors

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Important News and Updates

September 12, 2017 Wells Gray Provincial Park backcountry re-opened

Due to current and forecasted conditions in Wells Gray Provincial Park, BC Parks and Recreation Sites and Trails BC today rescinded a closure.

For more information, please see the attached news release:

September 12, 2017 Closure of Ancient Forest/Chun T'oh Whudujut Provincial Park and Protected Area on September 13, 2017

On September 13, 2017 from 9 am until 4 pm Ancient Forest/Chun T'oh Whudujut Provincial Park and Protected Area will be closed for public safety.

During this time BC Parks in partnership with the Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Club, will operate a helicopter to sling in bridge spans and other materials in support of construction activities planned for the fall season.

Several upgrades to the trail system are planned for the fall, to improve visitor experience and better protect the unique ecosystem.

Washroom facilities are available ten minutes east of the park at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) rest stop at Dome Creek.

Thank you for your cooperation.

September 8, 2017Partial closures of Premier Lake and Kikomun Creek Provincial Parks
Effective immediately, areas beyond 50 metres of developed portions of Kikomun Creek Provincial Park and Premier Lake Provincial Park are closed to the public. Areas within 50 metres of the developed portions of the park campgrounds, day-use areas and service yard, including park access roads, remain open. For more information, please see the attached news release and maps of the affected areas:

July 26, 2017Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park partly reopened

As a result of cooler temperatures and moderate fire danger ratings, BC Parks - in consultation with the BC Wildfire Service - has reopened southern sections of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park for public use, effective immediately.

July 25, 2017Wells Gray Provincial Park to re-open July 25, 2017

As a result of recent precipitation, cooler temperatures and a moderate fire danger rating in northern portions of the Kamloops Fire Centre, BC Parks – in consultation with the BC Wildfire Service – will re-open Wells Gray Provincial Park to public use as of 7 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

July 8, 2017 Wells Gray Provincial Park closure to take effect July 9, 2017

In an effort to protect public safety, BC Parks, in co-ordination with the BC Wildfire Service, will close Wells Gray Provincial Park effective 8 a.m. on Sunday, July 9, 2017.

The closure will remain in effect until further notice.

July 5, 2017 Open fires to be prohibited in Coastal Fire Centre

PARKSVILLE – Effective at noon on Thursday, July 6, 2017, all open fires (including campfires) will be prohibited throughout the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdiction, with the exception of Haida Gwaii and the area known as the “Fog Zone”.

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