About BC Parks

BC Parks is responsible for the designation, management and conservation of a system of ecological reserves, provincial parks and recreation areas located throughout the province. British Columbia’s parks and protected areas contain nationally and internationally significant natural and cultural features and outdoor experiences.

The provincial system of parks is dedicated to the protection of natural environments for the inspiration, use and enjoyment of the public.


Our parks, protected areas and conservation lands are a public trust. As such, our mission is to protect representative and special natural places within the Province's Protected Areas System for world class conservation, outdoor recreation, education and scientific study.

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Annual Report

2013/14 BC Parks Annual Report

We are pleased to release our 2013/14 BC Parks Annual Report. [PDF 2.1MB]

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BC Parks Infographic Read the infographic to explore the environmental, social and economic benefits of BC Parks. [PDF 1.79MB]

Program Plan

The BC Parks Program Plan translates the broad direction provided by government into a plan that will guide the actions of the agency over the next three to five years.  Click here to view the plan [PDF 779KB].

Statutory and Organisational Background

Legislation - Acts and regulations.

Summary and definitions of Park Designations