Campfire Safety

Ensure your campfire is no larger than 0.5 x 0.5 metres. Small campfires reduce the risk of wildfire.

Be prepared to extinguish your campfire. Keep a firefighting hand tool, such as a shovel, or at least 8 litres of water nearby.

Ensure your campfire is fully extinguished before leaving your site. Ashes must be cool to touch.

Never leave your campfire unattended!

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Campfire Bans & Closures

Stay up to date on important backcountry closures and restrictions

Provincial parks affected by campfire bans

BC Parks will provide information about park closures or campfire bans when notified by Ministry of Forests and Range, Wildfire Management Branch. Updates regarding area restrictions and general information will be posted on this page and notices will be displayed on the web pages of affected Parks and Protected areas.

Provincial park campgrounds that do not allow campfires at any time or have continuous restricted hours for campfires will not display a ban notice. See specific park pages for more details, or see the list of parks affected by campfire bans.

Parks closed due to 2017 wildfire activity
Evacuation alert is
in effect for this park
Order of the Regional Director

Until further notice, for public safety, the parks and protected areas below are closed and shall not be accessed due to wildfire-related hazards.

Be prepared

Restrictions, evacuations, and closures of provincial parks in British Columbia may occur at any time due to rapid changes in conditions and circumstances, which can be difficult to predict. Although BC Parks will endeavour to maintain up-to-date information, notices may given without warning. This also pertains to the lifting of restrictions after fire events and or campfire bans.

During times of high fire risk, be prepared. It is recommended that you always bring a portable stove for cooking.

Before you leave, consult the Ministry of Forests and Range, Wildfire Management Branch BC Wildfire website, contact the Wildfire Management Branch Wildfire hotline for updates on wildfires.

Remain alert for new information on local radio stations.

Failure to comply with a ban can result in fines and there are heavy penalties for those found to be responsible for starting a wildfire.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to other questions regarding wildfire management on the BC Forest Fire Info website.