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Penrose-Ripon Conservancy

About This Conservancy

Penrose-Ripon Conservancy was established as part of government’s land use decision for the Central Coast planning area.

This conservancy is a collection of islands on the north side of the entrance to Rivers Inlet. Penrose-Ripon Conservancy includes a southern section of Walbran Island and encompasses the remainder of Penrose Island that is not included in Penrose Island Marine Park.

The area is a popular boating and kayaking destination and some coves are listed as boat havens. Protection of cultural uses and values is a dominant purpose of this conservancy.

Conservancy Size: 2,229 hectares

Date Established: May 31, 2007


The conservancy is located approximately 40 kilometres southwest of Wuikinuxv Village and 90 kilometres southeast of Bella Bella.