On-line Form for HORSE USE Letter of Permission for AKAMINA KISHINENA PROVINCIAL PARK

Please review this page then enter and submit your information. Print the Thank You Page that will display once your information has been
submitted to carry with you on your trip. If you find your information is incorrect you may click your browsers back button to return to the form
to correct and resubmit.

Please submit the following information to the area supervisor:

Note: Please be as complete as possible and all fields are required.

1. Date(s) you wish to be in park.
2. Number of horses and mules (saddle and pack).
3. Route(s) for entering and leaving the park:
4a. Leaders name (who will be responsible for the group):
4b. Leaders address:
4c. Leaders contact phone number:
5. Names of all members in the group.


After you submit this form please print the Thank you Page to carry with you as your LOP confirmation document.

Your privacy is important to us, this information will only be used to advise us of your trip plan and for safety reasons and will not be retained for any other purpose.