Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Mountain Climbing

Only experienced mountaineers, properly roped and equipped, should attempt mountain climbing or venturing onto glaciers and snowfields. Climbers should consult with Mount Assiniboine Lodge staff before attempting a climb. The basic structure of the mountains is decaying limestone, resulting in frequent rock fall. The frequency of rockfall is intensified by climbers. If more than one party is climbing a peak, they should schedule themselves to be close together. Parties one or two hours apart are exposed to increased danger. Always wear a safety helmet when climbing. The Gmoser Highway is the only route that should be used to access the Assiniboine bowl and Hind Hut from Lake Magog. The snow couloir has a waterfall underneath it creating dangerous conditions. Access from the Assiniboine Creek drainage involves routefinding up a scree gully above Assiniboine Lake, then accross morainal terrain and a small but crevassed glacier to the Mt Assiniboine - Mount Strom Col.

A climbing shelter known as the R.C. Hind Hut is located in the Assiniboine Bowl. The hut accommodates 12 and serves as a base camp for mountain climbers. The Hind Hut is $20.00 per person per night plus a $5.00 reservation fee. Climbers must make a reservation for the Hind Hut through Mount Assiniboine Lodge, Box 8128, Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2T8, Phone: (403) 678-2883, Fax: (403) 678-4877 or E-mail: A permit is required if you plan to camp overnight in the adjacent national parks. Permits are available from national park staff.