Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park

Hiking Trails

There is little surface water available away from the lakes, carry plenty of drinking water, particularly in summer. It is easy to become disoriented by the rugged terrain and deep canyons. Stay on designated trails. All trail times are one-way.
  • Trailhead North Parking Lot.
  • Boulder Loop Trail—5km, 3hrs, easy. North Parking Lot to Boulder Trail to Dead Horse Creek to Golden Mile Road.
  • Old C.N. Trail—3km, 2hrs, easy. North Parking Lot to Divide Lake Road
  • Divide Lake Trail North (restricted access road)—8km, 3.5hrs, easy. Rimrock Gate to Divide Lake
  • Boulder Trail—3km, 2hrs, moderate. Old C.N. Trail to Dead Horse Creek
  • Dead Horse Creek to Gate—1.5km, 1hr, easy.
  • Goode’s Basin Trail—6km, 1.5hrs, moderate. Dead Horse Creek to Pinnacles.
  • Dead Horse Creek to end of Canyon—7.5km, 5hrs, easy.
  • Rim Trail via Wild Horse Canyon Trail—1km, .75hrs, moderate.
  • End of Canyon to Commando Bay—1.8km, 1hr, moderate.
  • End of Canyon to Buchan Bay—1.5km, .75hrs, moderate.
  • End of Canyon to Goode’s Creek—3km, 2.5hrs, difficult.
  • Divide Lake to Baker Lake—2km, 1.5hrs, difficult.
  • Baker Lake to Victor Lake—1km, .75hrs, moderate.
  • Trailhead South Parking Lot Gemmill Lake—2km, 1hr, easy.
  • Divide Lake via Mountain Goat Trail—5km, 3hrs, difficult.
  • Viewpoint Trail—500m, 30min, easy.
  • Parking lot to Divide Trail South Junction—5km, 2hrs, moderate.
  • Divide Lake Trail South—5km, 2hrs, moderate. Junction at Wildhorse Canyon to Divide Lake.
  • Frederick Creek—6km, 2.5hrs, moderate.
  • Frederick Creek to Baker Lake—4km, 3hrs, moderate.
  • Frederick Creek to Goode’s Creek—4km, 4hrs, moderate.
  • Goode’s Creek Trail—1km, .75hrs, moderate. Junction of Wildhorse Canyon Trail and Goode’s Creek.
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