Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park

School Group Information


School groups are asked to register, in advance of their visit, with BC Parks using our registration form. Click here to fill out form. We would like to gather information about use of the park by groups so that we can accommodate, without negative impacts, the growing number of school groups using the park. We also wish to avoid having more than one large group camping in the same site at one time. If you have questions about the park, please call BC Parks in Kamloops, 250-371-6200 (ask for Southern Rivers Area Staff).

If you wish to meet with an Elder or a representative of the Lyttton First Nation, you must make arrangements in advance by calling the LFN office at 250-455-2304.

Safety and Logistics:

Note that a small vehicle ferry is used to cross the Fraser River to reach the Stein Valley trailhead. THE MAXIMUM BUS SIZE ALLOWED ON THE FERRY IS AN 18 PASSENGER BUS. Be aware that there is no cell phone service, pay phone, Ranger cabin or other means of emergency communication anywhere in the valley. There is no road access except to the main trailhead (there is also a seasonal 4WD road part way to Blowdown pass).

Sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing are necessary when hiking in the Stein Valley. While most of the lower valley trail has a gentle gradient, there are steep and rough sections. Wildlife encounters are not frequent in the lower valley but are possible at any time. Children should stick together in groups, with adult supervisors close at hand.


Large groups are asked to comply with the following Group Size and Tent Number restrictions. The limits are in place to eliminate the unintended expansion of camping areas and to ensure that there is room for all park users.

Trail Section Group Size
Maximum # of People
# of Tents
Lytton Trailhead to Suspension Bridge Camp 20 5
Suspension Bridge Camp to Scudamore Creek 16 4
Scudamore Creek to Tundra Lake,
Blowdown Pass Trail
12 3
Alpine Areas 8 3

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