Wapiti Lake Provincial Park

Trail Information

Wapiti Lake – Onion Lake hiking trail is a 30 km trail. The first 19 km of the trail to Wapiti Lake follows the north side of the Wapiti River and the shores of a few smaller lakes. Scenic views are plentiful, especially while along lakeshores. There is a short side trail (200 metres) to Wapiti Falls at 7 km. A reasonable goal would be to reach Wapiti Lake in day 1. Backpacking time to Wapiti Lake is variable and depending on your experience allow 6-9 hours for the one-way trip to km 19.

The trail from Wapiti Lake leaves the park as it ascends steeply into the alpine to onion lake. The 2 km climb above Wapiti Lake has an elevation change of 1000 metres. Between 24 and 25 km there is a terrific view of both Wapiti Lake to the south and Onion Lake to the north. At this point the trail descends 500 metres to Onion Lake. Allow 7-10 hours for the trip from Wapiti Lake to Onion Lake.