Wells Gray Provincial Park: Clearwater/Azure Marine Hiking Trails

  • Two main trails lead away from these lakes to wilderness destinations. Note that times and distances are for one way only.
  • Be aware of signs of bear activity on any of the trails, and be prepared to take evasive action.
  • Trail conditions and updates will be posted on the main page under the Attention Visitor Notice.

Hobson Lake Trail

The trailhead lies within the river channel between Clearwater and Azure, on the western bank. A strong hiker will make the 15 km hike to the southern end of Hobson Lake within 7 hours. Expect a 300m elevation gain.

Huntley Col

From 4 1/2 Mile Campsite on the north shore of Azure Lake, a hike of 4 km with a 1300m elevation gain will take experienced hikers approximately 5 hours.