Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Corporate Partnership Opportunities


If you are interested in exploring a potential partnership with BC Parks, contact BC Parks at:

British Columbia’s parks are the pride of the province and preserve the incredible natural beauty for which B.C. is famous for worldwide. Our provincial parks have more than 340 campgrounds, 11,000 campsites, 250 day-use areas, and 6,000 km of trails offering a diverse range of magnificent outdoor experiences. BC Parks is widely recognized and supported with over 20 million visitors and over two million visits to BC Parks’ website every year.

Consumers are looking for companies that represent the values they hold dear: commitment to the environment, support for shared family experiences and opportunities for an active and healthy lifestyle. Partnering with BC Parks sends the message that your organization supports these worthwhile values.

Benefits of Partnering with BC Parks
  1. Market to Highly Desirable Outdoor Consumers

    BC Parks visitors are highly committed to outdoor pursuits and spend a significant portion of their disposable income on their recreation interests. Partner with us to reach this special interest group.

  2. Partner with a Leader in Outdoor Recreation

    BC Parks offers a wide range of high quality outdoor activities for park visitors and is committed to providing them with an outstanding customer experience. Partner with us to link to the outdoor recreation community.

  3. Associate your Organization with BC Parks

    BC Parks is committed to conserving the environment, offering shared family experiences and providing opportunities for an active and healthy lifestyle. Partner with us to show support for these worthwhile values.

BC Parks Corporate Partnership Criteria

BC Parks recognizes that corporate partnerships have the ability to bring substantial benefits to B.C.’s provincial park system and to all partners involved. However, we have also developed criteria for selecting appropriate corporate partners to ensure BC Parks’ values are not compromised.

BC Parks seeks to partner with companies whose mandate and activities are aligned with BC Parks’ conservation, cultural heritage and/or recreational values. BC Parks considers partnership opportunities with resource-based companies as long as these companies can demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability, such as taking actions to minimize their ecological footprint.

BC Parks welcomes all interested companies to contact BC Parks at: to discuss any partnership proposals or ideas.

Promotion & Sponsorship Opportunities

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