Corporate Partnerships

Promotion and Sponsorship Opportunities

BC Parks directs 100% of corporate partnership funding into the Park Enhancement Fund. This account provides funding for a variety of enhancements in parks from educational and outreach initiatives to trail improvements and research and restoration projects. Not only will your company’s brand receive positive exposure on BC Parks’ maps, brochures, interpretive signs, facilities or website – your sponsorship dollars will be spent on meaningful projects that enhance our provincial parks!

Sponsor the print run of a BC Parks Regional Map

Regional maps have proven very popular with a long shelf life as park users tend to keep the brochure for multiple years; thus, offering several years of advertising exposure. The fold-out publication measures 22” x 28” and features a high quality road map with inset of maps of the parks in the respective region. The maps also have a matrix describing the facilities and recreational opportunities in each park.

Sponsor a print run for one, or all, of the following regions:

BC Parks Regional Map
  • Vancouver, Coast and Mountains
  • Vancouver Island
  • Thompson Okanagan
  • Cariboo, Chilcotin Coast
  • Kootenay Rockies
  • Northern British Columbia

Benefits of sponsoring a regional map:

  • Your company’s ad placed on the back
    of the folded brochures
  • Ad space is 3.5” by 4”, in full colour
  • Only 1 advertisement per print run

Contact BC Parks at: for information on sponsoring a print run of one or more BC Park Regional Maps.

Sponsor the print run of a park brochure

Individual park brochures describe the history, services and facilities available at one particular park, and include a detailed map. Brochures may be 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17”, depending on the amount of information provided. There are hundreds of parks across BC that would benefit from a print run of updated brochures.

Park Brochure

Benefits of sponsoring an individual park brochure:

  • Your company’s ad placed on the back panel
    of the brochure
  • Ad space is 3” by 2”, in full colour
  • Only 1 advertisement per print run

Contact BC Parks at: for more information on sponsoring a print run of one or more individual park brochures.

Sponsor an interpretive sign

Interpretive signs are often the only opportunity to provide park visitors with information on the values (natural, cultural or recreation) found in provincial park, or on the management actions being taken in a specific park (such as controlling invasive species, or protecting endangered species). These signs can greatly enhance a visitors’ experience by explaining the role and importance of each park within the larger parks system.

Interpretive signs are either located on info shelters at the entrance of a park or trailhead (30” by 40”) or are free standing (often 18” by 24”) near a point of interest in park.

Benefits of sponsoring an interpretive sign:

  • Your company’s ad placed on the interpretive sign
  • Ad is in full colour; size depends on size of the interpretive sign
  • Only 1 advertisement permitted on each interpretive sign
  • Receive minimum of 10 years of brand exposure on prominent park sign

Contact BC Parks at: to discuss possible interpretive sign locations, content and cost.

Interpretive Sign
Sponsor a Park Bench, Picnic Table or other Facility

Show your community your care and support BC Parks by sponsoring a facility in your local provincial park. You can sponsor a park bench, picnic table, picnic shelter, playground, or another standard park facility of your choice.

For more information, see BC Parks Commemorative Gifting program or contact BC Parks at: to discuss what kind of facility you can sponsor, and where.

BC Parks Bench

BC Parks’ website is one of the busiest websites in government. With over 2.3 million visits annually (2011 stats), BC Parks’ website offers businesses and organizations an opportunity for significant brand exposure.

Contact BC Parks at: for information on space availability and cost.

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