BC Parks Partnership & Donation Program

Park Enhancement Fund

Giving back to B.C.’s provincial parks

BC Parks is a provincial government agency (part of the Ministry of Environment) that manages over 1000 parks and protected areas in B.C. and provides camping and recreation services to approximately 20 million park users annually. Although BC Parks is a government organization, a special account was created in 2008 separate from the provincial government’s revenue fund called the Park Enhancement Fund. Donations made to BC Parks for the Park Enhancement Fund are eligible for official tax receipts.

The Park Enhancement Fund is a transparent account where individuals and businesses can make donations to specific parks and/or specific projects that enhance our provincial parks or the services offered in them. Money donated to the Park Enhancement Fund can go towards initiatives such as:

Funds from the Park Enhancement Fund can also be spent on many other projects or programs that enhance the services offered in parks and/or protect the conservation and heritage values of our parks.

The Park Enhancement Fund has very strict rules governing how money can be received and spent. For example, Park Enhancement Fund money cannot be spent on staff salaries, land acquisition or any other service that is not considered an “enhancement” to the core services provided by BC Parks. This means, that 100% of your donation goes to supporting whatever enhancement project or program is near and dear to your heart; there are no “overhead” or “administrative costs” when you give to BC Parks.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to a specific project or park, contact BC Parks at: BCParksDonations@gov.bc.ca to discuss what kind of legacy you can leave for future generations.

For information on the amount of money raised in the Park Enhancement Fund each year, please refer to BC Parks’ Annual Reports.

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