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Leave a legacy for future generations by supporting a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Consider supporting BC Parks and the values we stand for: conserving the natural world and providing high-quality recreational experiences.

When you donate a security, BC Parks may, as a qualified donee, issue an official tax receipt subject to the rules of the Canadian Revenue Agency. Furthermore, if your contribution is a qualifying security, it may be 100% exempt from capital gains! For more information, visit Calculating your capital gain or loss, and Gifts & Income Tax.

You can donate to a specific project in a specific park, or as a general gift to BC Parks. Contact BC Parks at: to discuss leaving a legacy. If you would like advice about donating securities, you may wish to contact a financial advisor, broker, lawyer, or other individual trained in handling securities.

How do I donate a security?

Donating securities is easy. Here are some simple steps you can take to transfer your gift:

  1. Meet with your financial advisor or broker to discuss transferring a security to BC Parks. They will be able to calculate your tax credits and help you make the best decision for your financial situation.

    Note: the capital gains tax exemption only applies if you transfer the security
    in-kind; it does not apply if you sell the security first and donate the cash.

  2. Contact BC Parks at: about transferring your gift. Please indicate the type of security to be donated, the date you intend to transfer your security, and your wishes for how the donation will be spent.
  3. Complete the appropriate paperwork. Your financial advisor or broker will provide you with the proper documentation required to make the transfer. Contact BC Parks at: for information and signature(s) required on behalf of BC Parks.
  4. Once your donation is received, BC Parks will issue an official tax receipt based on the closing value of your security on the date it was received (if that can be determined) or otherwise in accordance with the applicable tax rules.
  5. Please note: our collection of your name, contact information and the asset(s) you have donated is for the purposes of allocating your donated funds and issuing official tax receipts, and this information is collected under section 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Should you have any questions about this collection of your personal information, please contact BC Parks at:
What are the tax benefits of donating securities?

When you give to BC Parks, you receive an official tax receipt that can be used, up to a limit and subject to the rules established by the Canadian Revenue Agency, on your income tax return as a tax credit.

When donating a security, you may be exempt from paying capital gains tax. However, the security must be ‘qualifying security’ transferred in-kind (i.e. cannot be sold first to then donate the cash).

  • For information on the tax benefits of giving in Canada, visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s website at
  • Try the charitable donation tax credit estimator to estimate the amount of tax credit you can apply to your income tax when you make a donation. Please note: this tax credit estimator may not accurately depict your financial situation. Please refer to the disclaimer below the estimator when using the product.

While the above resources can help you understand the general tax benefits of donating securities, every situation is unique. If you have any further questions or would like advice about donating securities, you may wish to contact a financial advisor, broker, lawyer, or other individual trained in handling securities.

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