BC Parks requires a Location Monitor to oversee filming activities in parks and protected areas.

Film Company Responsibilities

The Film Company is responsible for supplying all necessary first aid and fire fighting equipment and personnel, toilet facilities, police and traffic control staff, and equipment for the duration of the permit.

Commercial Film Guidelines

Some guidelines will apply for certain filming activities such as the use of animals and special effects. In addition, conditions for filming in particular parks will be included as part of your park use permit

The following are common requirements and/or provisos in BC Parks filming permits:

Commercial Filming Guidelines and Commercial Filming Policies

Credit Line Requirement

Any production filmed in a provincial park or protected area, once completed, must carry an appropriate credit line identifying the park as follows: "Name of Provincial Park or Protected Area, Province of B.C., with the assistance of the Ministry of Environment."

The exception to this requirement is television commercials, where the commercial script shall make no mention of the site location being in a provincial park or protected area.


Although permits may authorize a film company to remove picnic tables, signs and/or information shelters, any items that are removed must be replaced immediately upon completion of commercial filming. In addition, any damage to facilities as a result of a film production must be repaired to BC Parks' standards.

Impact Assessment

BC Parks conservation policy dictates that all proposed actions in a park may be subject to an assessment of their potential impacts (environmental, social, economic), at a scale relative to the actions proposed and to implementation of recommended mitigative measures. Special conditions may also be imposed to ensure protection of the park's fish, wildlife, or other environmental values.

Other options/links

If BC Parks cannot fulfill a request for filming due to conservation, recreation or public safety reasons - other jurisdictions may be available. Alternate site information may be found through the BC Film Commission.

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