Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get commercial filming approved in a BC Park?

Filming activities must be approved in principle by a BC Parks Representative either over the phone or following a pre-authorization site meeting prior to submitting an application. Upon submission of a complete application and application fee, allow 5 business days for preparation of the permit documents following our receipt of your application and application fee.

Why is commercial filming not allowed in parks on weekends and holidays?

The proximity and popularity of many provincial parks to Vancouver and surrounding urban centers result in high public use, therefore weekend commercial filming may not be permitted and, in some instances, filming may also be seasonally prohibited or restricted. This restriction will also pertain to conservation issues (e.g. wildlife activity, nesting seasons, etc.). These restrictions will be identified through each park on this site.

What important information needs to be stated in the application?

  • Maps & names of areas within the park where you will be filming, Parking etc.
  • Number of people & vehicles (circus).
  • Equipment used for the film (vehicles, helicopters, animals, artificial snow, etc).
  • How many days; vehicles for prep; filming and wrap up.
  • Please provide as much information as possible related to the film activities.

All application fields must be completely filled out with all required information, if not, there will be a delay and possible refusal of application.

What is the difference between a major and minor shoot?

"Minor shoot" means commercial filming taking one day at one location with no disturbance to protected area users or natural resources. The following criteria are also used to determine what is considered a minor shoot:

  • Limited number of vehicles (five or less), no large trucks/vans.
  • No props, sets or major equipment.
  • No disturbance to protected area facilities, furniture, signs, etc.
  • No use or occupancy of park facilities.
  • Ten or less persons.
  • Use of hand held photographic equipment (includes a tripod).
  • No or minimal monitoring required by the Ministry.

"Major shoot" means all commercial filming that is not considered a minor shoot.

Why must there be Location Monitors on scene?

A BC Parks authorized Location Monitor shall be present to oversee all on-site activities associated with the film production; ensuring that no activities threaten protected area resources or impact negatively on the protected area or its visitors. Also, the Location Monitor will inspect the film production site prior to and after filming activities to ensure that all the park use permit conditions regarding site clean-up and restoration have been met.

For more information, please contact the Parks and Protected Areas Section Head for your area of interest.