Commercial Filming in Parks and Protected Areas – Lower Mainland

Provincial parks and protected areas within the Lower Mainland region service the largest number of film productions due to their proximity to the city of Vancouver. Each year the parks in this region support several hundred production days of commercial filming, serving as the backdrop for numerous wilderness shots, road scenes, and much more. In order to best serve the public and while continuing to support the film industry, certain guidelines and/or restrictions have been implemented for the various parks in this region. Location managers must be aware of any guidelines/restrictions prior to applying for a Park Use Permit.

Rules and Conditions

Weekend and Seasonal commercial filming Restrictions:

Our parks' proximity to Vancouver and surrounding urban centers result in high public use, therefore weekend commercial filming may not be permitted and, in some instances, commercial filming may also be seasonally prohibited or restricted. This restriction will also pertain to conservation issues (e.g. wildlife activity, nesting seasons, etc.). Any restrictions will be identified through each park on this site (see interactive map below).

Park Specific Commercial Filming Conditions – Interactive Map

Click on the area you are interested in to view its contained parks. Once you have zoomed in, click on each park for specific guidelines, information and photos. A PDF version of each park's information is available to download. If you are interested in specific landscapes, select the feature words on the bottom of the map to highlight the parks that contain the presented features; click the highlighted word again to clear your selection.