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BC Parks Management Planning

A management plan is a document that outlines the vision and direction for a protected area. This will include direction on the types, location and threshold of uses and activities appropriate within different parts of a protected area including appropriate levels of visitor use and facility development.

A management plan is the result of a management planning process and is developed with First Nations, local governments, the public and other interest groups.

Read more about the management planning process and how you can get involved.

Projects Currently Open for Public Comment

Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park: Review of open house materials and comments (closes August 31, 2015)
Muqqᵂin/Brooks Peninsula Park and Power River Watershed Protected Area Management Plan: Draft Management Plan Comment Period (extended to August 28, 2015)

Areas with Recently Approved Management Plans

Burgoyne Bay Park- March 2015
Monashee Park- October 2014
Ruckle Park- September 2014
Kikomun Creek Park- March 2014
Garibaldi Park (amendment)- February 2014
White Lake Park- January 2014
Yard Creek Park- January 2014
Pillar Park- January 2014

All Active Protected Area Planning Projects (by Regional Section)

South Coast

Protected Area Management Planning Information
Pinecone Burke Provincial Park Draft plan under development