Provincial Protected Area Boundary Adjustment Policy, Process & Guidelines

Periodically, within provincial parks, land uses are proposed involving activities that are not permissible under the Park Act. The Minister of Environment will consider such proposals where the public interest may warrant modifying park boundaries to remove the affected area from the park.

Since 2000, the Ministry has had a policy in place outlining how such proposals will be reviewed. In 2004, and more recently in 2010, Government updated the policy to streamline and clarify the process, establish clear timelines for the review, and provide guidelines for proponents regarding government’s information requirements to support such a request. This is the Boundary Adjustment Guidelines Policy, Process and Guidelines.

In recognition of the public interest in the establishment and management of parks, and the integral role parks play in supporting local economies and community-based recreation, government has afforded parks a high level of legislative protection. Because of this, boundary adjustments most often require changes to legislation. Boundary modifications are normally approved only where there are significant environmental, social or economic benefits to the Province that exceed the importance of preserving the integrity of the existing park boundary and values.

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