Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area

In March 2004, 2,042 ha (5,045 acres) of Burns Bog was purchased to be protected as an Ecological Conservancy Area. The four purchasing partners are the Province of British Columbia, the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the Corporation of Delta, and Canada. A legally binding conservation covenant placed on the property will ensure Burns Bog is protected and managed effectively as a natural ecosystem. On behalf of all partners, the Greater Vancouver Regional District will act as the lead managing agency.

As part of the Management Agreement for the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area, GVRD Parks is leading a planning process to prepare a Management Plan. This plan will guide the protection and management of the hydrological regime, plant and wildlife communities along with necessary access, habitat enhancement and possible restoration requirements.

For more infomation on the Conservancy Area visit www.BurnsBog.ca

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