Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy

The Hakai Lúxvbálís Conservancy Management Board is undertaking a management plan for this protected area, located in the central coast. This is an important plan that will set management direction for the Conservancy Area over the next several years.

  • Map (552 KB PDF)

The Hakai Lúxvbálís Conservancy is managed under an agreement between the Heiltsuk Nation and the Province of British Columbia to co-operatively attain conservation and recreation objectives for the area. This agreement also allows the Heiltsuk Nation to access land and resources for their use within the Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy Area in accordance with their aboriginal rights. Click here to view the agreement (1340 KB PDF)

If you would like additional information, or wish to find out more about the planning process please contact Jim Young by telephone at (250) 398-4564 or by e-mail at jim.young@gov.bc.ca.