Kakwa Provincial Park

Management Plan Background Report

The Background Report (1.17 MB PDF) for Kakwa Provincial Park is now available in PDF format. Due to the large size of the document, the figures are listed separately.

Figure 1: Overview Map of Kakwa (268 KB PDF)
Figure 2: Regional Setting (143 KB PDF)
Figure 3: Adjacent RMZs (143 KB PDF)
Figure 4: Biogeoclimatic Subzones (257 KB PDF)
Figure 5: Grizzly Bear Habitat (547 kb pdf)
Figure 6: Detailed Grizzly Bear Habitat (347 KB PDF)
Figure 7: Mountain Goat Habitat Map (520 KB PDF)
Figure 8: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Map (522 KB PDF)
Figure 9: Caribou Habitat (686 KB PDF)
Figure 10: Snowmobiling Areas (158 KB PDF)
Figure 11: Recreational Facilities Map (235 KB PDF)

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