Management Planning for the Morice LRMP Protected Areas

The Ministry of Environment is developing management plans for the Morice LRMP Protected Areas.

Management Planning Schedule

  • Development of the Draft Management Plan
  • Draft Management Plans Released for Public Comment - Complete
  • Draft Management Plans Open House - Complete
  • Draft Management Plans Revised and Final Management Plans released - Winter 2010

Draft management plans have been developed for six parks and one protected area within the Morice LRMP. View the draft management plans:

Atna River Provincial Park
Burnie Shea Protected Area
Morice Lake Provincial Park
Nadina Mountain Provincial Park
Nanika Kidprice Provincial Park
Old Man Lake Provincial Park
Bin-Burnie Shea Provincial Park

For More Information contact:

Brandin Schultz, Planning Section Head
Ministry of Environment
Bag 5000, 3762 Alfred Ave, Smithers, V0J 2N0
Phone: (250) 847-7340
Fax: (250) 847-7728