Ne’āh’ Conservancy and Tā Ch’ilā (Boya Lake) Provincial Park Management Planning

BC Parks is in the process of developing a management plan for Ne’āh’ Conservancy Tā Ch’ilā (Boya Lake) Provincial Park .

Management Planning Schedule

Stage 1: Initial Planning and Project Plan Approval

Stage 2: Development of the Draft Management Plan (current stage)

Initial Public Input Period (closes June 22, 2019)

Stage 3: Draft Management Plan public review and comment

Stage 4: Development of the Final Approved Management Plan

Have Your Say

At this stage in the management planning process we are starting the development of the draft management plan. You have the opportunity to provide background information and express how you would like the park to be managed.

Your help is very much appreciated! Your submission is due by June 22, 2019.

How to provide comments:

  1. You may complete an online comment form or;
  2. You may download and print the comment form [PDF]. Mail or email the form to the contact person listed below:

BC Parks very much appreciates all the comments received and will be posting a Draft Management Plan for public review here shortly. Additional comments will be welcome at that time. To sign up for RSS feed notifications, go to:

For more information on the planning process:

Shannon McFadyen
Planning Section Head, BC Parks, Skeena Region
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
#102-3220 Eby St., Terrace, B.C. V8G 5K8
Phone: 1 778 505-2091
Mobile: 1 778 884-5425