Protected Areas Framework for British Columbia’s South Okanagan

The Ministry of Environment has analysed the more than 3,400 submissions received from British Columbians in response to the Intentions Paper on a Protected Areas Framework for British Columbia’s South Okanagan [PDF 1.9MB] released in August 2015. These submissions have now been summarized in a report [PDF 2.6MB].

The feedback shows the public is very interested and passionate about issues of environmental protection, First Nations cultural values, tourism and recreation opportunities in the South Okanagan. Themes identified throughout the submissions included the need to ensure connectivity between areas, to preserve and protect the remaining biodiversity of the South Okanagan and to recognize the importance of hunting, fishing, tourism, ranching and recreation in the area.

Several additional areas were suggested as requiring protection including areas around Vaseux Lake and the South Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area. Comments also focused heavily on respecting existing land use commitments, such as access and recreational activities in regards to the Okanagan Shuswap Land and Resource Management Plan.