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Bowron Lake Reservations

There are two types of reservations that can be made at Bowron Lake Provincial Park:
  1. Reservations for the Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit (backcountry) can be made on-line or via the call centre ($5 surcharge applies) for the entire following season, starting on October 1st annually. For example, as of October 1, 2018 you can reserve for the entire 2019 season. View the news release. Reservation policies on this page apply to the Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit (backcountry).
  2. Reservations for the Bowron Lake frontcountry campground can be made on-line or via the call centre ($5 surcharge applies) up to 4 months in advance of your arrival date, starting on January 2, 2019.

For more information about Bowron Lake Provincial Park, including maps, canoe circuit information and the pre-trip booklet, please visit the Bowron Lake Provincial Park page.

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit (Backcountry) Reservation Policies

  • Reservations open October 1st annually and you can book your Bowron Lake canoe circuit adventure for the entire upcoming season!
  • Reservations may be booked up to 2 days prior to departure date.
  • Reservations for the Bowron Lake canoe circuit are based on a non-refundable per vessel charge of $18.00 (plus tax) in addition to the user fees ($60.00 per person for the full canoe circuit and $30.00 per person for the West Side).
  • All transaction charges and user fees will be collected in full at the time of booking.
  • All canoe circuit users must attend a mandatory orientation session (9:00 am or 12:00 noon) and visitors must report to the registration centre by the specified time.
  • Visitors who have not attended their mandatory orientation session are considered no-shows. No-shows’ reservations will be given to first-come, first served visitors. No refunds are granted for no-shows.
    • Bowron Lake canoe circuit paddlers are responsible for bringing or renting their own equipment (personal flotation devices, paddles, vessels etc). Reservation transactions only include your reservation charges and user (camping) fees and do not include equipment rental. Visitors must familiarize themselves with the mandatory equipment required to paddle the circuit.
    • Reservations are not transferable. Any reservation owners or holders found to be transferring or selling their reservations to another party, risk the chance that their reservation may be cancelled without a refund. If a customer can no longer use their reservation, they are encouraged to cancel their reservation so that any unused User Fees that are not forfeited as a penalty, can be automatically refunded to the credit card that was used to make the original reservation. Only the person whose name is on the reservation has access to change or cancel a reservation.

User Fees and Reservation Charges

  • Accepted payment types include: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, and Mastercard Debit.
  • Changes to a reservation can be made for a charge of $6.00 (plus tax) per vessel, provided that space is available. No changes are permitted 28 days or less before the departure date.
  • Cancellations are subject to a $6.00 (plus tax) per vessel cancellation charge.
  • Refunds – If a trip is cancelled more than 28 days before the departure date, customers receive a full refund less cancellation and non-refundable reservation charges. If cancellations are made with 28 or less days notice, no refunds apply. Transaction (reservation, change, cancellation) charges are non-refundable.
  • Visitors who have not attended the mandatory orientation session they registered for are considered no-shows. No-shows reservations will be given to first-come, first served visitors. No refunds are granted for no-shows.


  • Groups on the Bowron Lake canoe circuit are defined as a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 14 people.
  • Reservations for group parties (7 to 14 people) are mandatory.
  • Only one group departure is permitted per day on the Bowron Lake canoe circuit.
  • Groups must have a designated leader, responsible for registration and the conduct and actions of all persons in their group.
  • Groups must camp in the designated group sites.
  • Groups must complete a fixed 8 days/7 nights Full Circuit or a fixed 4 days/3 nights West Circuit trip.
  • If a change or partial cancellation results in less than 7 people in group (no longer a “group” by definition), the group policy still applies and campsite allocations as per the reservation made and must pay for a minimum of 7 people.