Joffre Lakes Provincial Park Visitor Survey

Survey complete

  • The Joffre Lakes Provincial Park visitor survey soliciting public feedback on Joffre Lakes is now complete, with over 2,700 responses received. We will be releasing the results in the coming months.

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park has grown in popularity as an outdoor recreation and camping destination, with over 170,000 visitors annually. This growth has resulted in concerns around impacts to the park environment, visitor experience, and public safety.

BC Parks is moving forward with the development of a Visitor Use Management Strategy for the park, and is looking to engage visitors and recreational users on important issues, ideas, and strategies to improve the quality of recreation and the management of its impacts.

The strategy is being developed in collaboration with the Lil’wat and N’Quatqua Nations, and through consultation with local governments, recreational users and other stakeholders.

Community members and stakeholders are invited to participate in the planning process by completing a short survey. The survey will be open until April 30, 2019.

About the Survey

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. It offers an opportunity for you to share:

  • your experiences as a park visitor,
  • how you find information about the park,
  • your values and concerns about the park, and
  • your level of support for potential management actions.

The survey also offers an opportunity for you to:

  • suggest strategies that could improve pedestrian and traffic safety, and
  • offer your suggestions for improving overall park management.

The results from the survey will help guide the development of a Visitor Use Management Strategy for Joffre Lakes Park.

Why are we developing a Visitor Use Management Strategy?

  • Visitation at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park has grown exponentially; park attendance has increased 168% since 2010.
  • Visitors from B.C. and around the world come to experience Joffre Lakes Provincial Park either for day trips or backcountry camping.
  • This increased use has led to concerns around sustainability and how to manage use in a manner that balances recreation and conservation while recognizing First Nations’ interests.
  • Most visitors arrive by vehicle, and parking demand often exceeds capacity. This leads to unsafe driving, hazardous parking along Hwy 99 (Duffey Lake Road), and dangerous conditions for pedestrians and motorists alike.

What is the purpose of a Visitor Use Management Strategy?

The objective of the Visitor Use Management Strategy is to review current park management issues and opportunities, and make recommendations for improving park management and public safety. The intent of the Visitor Use Management Strategy is to develop short-term and long-term strategies that will improve the overall visitor experience, address safety concerns, recognize First Nations interests, and protect the park’s natural and cultural values.

Next Steps

  • After reviewing survey responses, a Visitor Use Management Strategy will be developed to address safety concerns, environmental concerns, and improve park management.
  • Survey results will be posted on the BC Parks webpage by this summer.
  • The Visitor Use Management Strategy will be a staged approach to park management. The focus for 2019 will be on identifying projects that can be implemented in a short timeframe. The strategy will also identify longer-term actions to improve park management.

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