B.C. Conservation Data Centre: Data Search

The CDC provides information on the conservation status and known locations (occurrences) of species and ecological communities at risk.

For inventory, reports, habitat and other information on species in B.C. not restricted to species at risk, please visit the Wildlife Species Inventory site or the Fisheries Inventory site. For additional resources on species and ecosystems use the Species and Ecosystems Information Portal at

BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer

Through this application you can generate lists of species and ecological communities in B.C.; conduct searches based on a number of options, including conservation or legal status, habitat and other spatial criteria; print your results, or download them to Excel; and access related reports and documents.

Mapped Known Locations

There are a number of ways to access CDC mapped known locations (occurrences) of species and ecosystems at risk:

Mapped Potential Locations of Ecological Communities

Potential occurrences of ecological communities may be found using existing ecosystem maps. View the TEM/PEM Index map (PDF 1 MB) of Terrestrial and Predictive Ecosystem Mapping projects and the SEI Index map (PDF 1.4 MB) for Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory mapping projects in B.C.

Download ecosystem mapping project files from the Ecological Reports Catalogue (EcoCat). Refer to the CDC Ecology Mapping page for instructions.


Custom Data Requests


If the above access tools do not serve your needs, have us do a custom search of our database for mapped known Occurrences of species and ecological communities at risk.

We also have unpublished draft provincial lists of Marine Algae and Marine Invertebrates upon request.