Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services


Notification December 4, 2015

We are Currently Experiencing Problems with the Search Function of CLIR. Not all Libraries are being Searched!

Until this issue is resolved we recommend at this time to search libraries individually (listed below). If you need guidance on the appropriate library to search please contact the administrator

We apologise for the inconvenience.

CLIR (Cross-Linked Information Resources) is an umbrella search application that allows users to search multiple sources of environmental and natural resource information simultaneously through a single search window.

Users can:

  • Search 6 major collections
  • Download documents and related files (see note below)
  • Get results that you can
    • Sort
    • Print
    • Export

CLIR searches for documents in the following Ministry of Environment e-libraries:

To launch CLIR, please click the appropriate button below (or choose from links in the right menu)

NOTE: If you need to copy the URL (web address)
for a document (when digital version is available),
in the Results, RIGHT click on the document “Title”
then LEFT click “Copy Shortcut”
to copy the URL to your clipboard.