Northern Saw-whet owl- Jared Hobbs

The Conservation Framework is British Columbia’s approach for guiding effective conservation actions in the province. Developed by the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with other scientists, conservation organizations and government; the Framework provides a science-based approach for the conservation of species and ecosystems in B.C.

The three goals of the Conservation Framework are:

  1. Contribute to global efforts for species and ecosystem conservation
  2. Prevent species and ecosystems from becoming at risk
  3. Maintain the diversity of native species and ecosystems
This website provides an overview of the Conservation Framework tools and how they work, including information on how to access the Conservation Framework outputs. For a more detailed description of the Conservation Framework, including examples that illustrate how it can be applied to conservation planning, please download the Conservation Framework Primer [PDF 950KB]. CF Primer Coverpage

Western Skink - Jakob DulisseLemmon's Hollyfern - Jim RileyMountain Goat - Fred Lang

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