What is the Conservation Framework?


Overview of the Conservation Framework

B.C. is Canada’s most biologically diverse province
Mormon metalmark (butterfly) - Jennifer Heron

The Conservation Framework is British Columbia’s approach for guiding conservation actions - an approach that will enable us to act sooner for species and ecosystems in decline and act smarter by selecting appropriate conservation actions for species and ecosystems at risk. The Conservation Framework will help to coordinate and align conservation efforts across government and non-government sectors, and will more effectively focus the allocation of resources to yield the best conservation outcomes.

The Conservation Framework guides efforts to conserve species and ecosystems

The Conservation Framework guides efforts to conserve species and ecosystems by establishing priorities for action. The Framework uses clearly defined scientific criteria to determine priorities and the most appropriate management actions for species and ecosystems of conservation concern.

An Approach Built on Science

The tools within the Conservation Framework use the best available data from provincial, and international databases to assess species and ecosystems for conservation action. Developed by scientists from universities, conservation organizations and government, the approach used by the Conservation Framework has been endorsed by internationally renowned conservation scientists.

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The Conservation Framework helps us to:

  • Act sooner – before species and ecosystems are at risk
  • Act smarter – priorities and actions based on science
  • Act together – coordinated and inclusive action
  • Invest more wisely – align conservation investments, priorities and actions within:
    • Government agencies
    • Partners and stakeholders
    • Funding bodies

Acting together to conserve biodiversity

The Conservation Framework…
…Coordinates conservation in British Columbia

With limited conservation resources, we need to work together to promote conservation of species and ecosystems. The Conservation Framework establishes a common reference of conservation priorities, recommended actions and information for all sectors to use.

…Works with existing species and ecosystems listings

Built with data from the BC Conservation Data Centre, the Conservation Framework incorporates existing provincial and federal species listings.

…Is founded on principles of shared stewardship

The Conservation Framework is based on the fundamental principle that we all share responsibility for keeping our native species and ecosystems healthy.


Getting Involved

western redcedar/devil's club ecosystem - Scott Hawker

Learn more about the Conservation Framework and consider applying the outputs to your conservation endeavours. With your input and suggestions for improvement, we can act together to:

  • Sustain British Columbia’s valuable native species and ecosystems
  • Reduce the number of species and ecosystems at risk in British Columbia
  • Ensure our actions and investments yield the best outcomes for species and ecosystems in British Columbia.