Conservation Officer Service

The Conservation Officer Service is a public safety provider focussed on natural resource law enforcement and human wildlife conflicts prevention and response.  

Our Vision:  To be a progressive and respected leader in environmental compliance and enforcement, shared stewardship and public safety

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Conservation Officer Service Motto:  Integrity Service and Protection

Integrity: We maintain the public’s confidence and trust by acting with sincerity and transparency.

Service: We strive to provide compliance and enforcement, stewardship and public safety services in collaboration with our partners and communities.

Protection: We remain committed to protecting British Columbia’s natural environment and those who enjoy it.
In addition to the ideals espoused in our motto, we are also guided by the following principles.

Accountability: We are accountable for our performance in light of our authorities, duties and responsibilities. We commit to measuring, achieving and reporting results and to using public dollars wisely.

Impartiality: We perform our duties and interact with all people in an impartial and objective manner, without favour or ill will.

Respectfulness: We treat each other and those we serve with respect.


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