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1905-1960, The Game Wardens

The Beginning

On July 1, 1905, as Canada celebrated its 38th birthday, Arthur Bryan Williams was appointed British Columbia’s first Provincial Game and Forest Warden.

Amendments to the Game Protection Act provided for this new authority and instructed Williams to:

“…give his entire time and attention to the game, forestry and fishing interests of the Province, conduct prosecutions and see that all laws having reference to game, forestry and fish are enforced.”

For the first few years, Williams would lead a Game Department that had virtually no budget and was staffed almost exclusively by volunteers.

The one exception to this strictly volunteer agency was provided by a “Game Warden Fund”, set up and administered by Victoria and Vancouver area Fish and Game Associations. The fund provided for two salaried deputies in these same areas, as well as wages and expenses for Wardens that were dispatched to deal with specific trouble spots in the province.