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About EcoCat Data

EcoCat is a document and file management system that allows users self-access to reports for various ecological projects within British Columbia. Associated data and map files are included whenever possible. If additional data or map files are not present on the Report Page, then no data or map files are available.

Whenever possible, reports are provided in PDF format so that they remain unaltered. Finished maps are also provided as PDF's or as image files where possible. We do not provide software for looking at any file types. For example, to view PDF's, the minimum expectation is that users will download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site. Similarly, to view source files such as .e00 files which can be used for creating spatial views, it is expected that users have GIS software.

Report subjects that can be found on EcoCat are water quality and water quantity, reservoirs, floodplain mapping, groundwater, fish and fish habitat, wildlife and wildlife habitat, terrestrial information, soils, and vegetation. 

All users must read and understand the disclaimer before using the application. All files and reports are copyright protected. Please respect these copyrights when quoting document sources.

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