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This site is intended to provide access to the Resources Information Standards Committee (RISC) approved field inventory methodology "Field Manual for Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems" (DTEIF) and companion material. The objective of the DTEIF standard is to assist field surveyors in the collection of ecological data and to ensure all data is collected in a consistent and standardized method throughout B.C. This manual is available electronically in both HTML and PDF formats and can be purchased in a waterproof version from Crown Publications.

Included with the DTEIF manual are a series of Ecosystem Field Forms 9FS882 & GIF). A data entry tool, VENUS, is available for the digital capture of all data collected using the ecosystem field forms.

DTEIF data that has been collected as part of a Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM), Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM) and/or Wildlife Habitat Ratings (WHR) projects is currently available with project datasets via the TEI Data Access page.

If you have any questions or suggestions contact the DTEIF Custodian.