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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is an important component of any ecologically based mapping and/or inventory project. The primary goal of QA is to ensure that projects are conducted in a consistent manner throughout B.C. Provincial consistency allows users to compare ecological data and any associated interpretive products from different areas of the province. A series of QA Guidelines have been drafted to accompany the RISC standards for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping and Predictive Ecosystem Mapping. These guidelines outline suggested QA procedures for ensuring a minimum level of quality for all TEM and PEM data. Please use the links below:

Quality Assurance of TEM and PEM project deliverables is completed by third party QA contractors. It is the responsibility of the client (via QA contractors) to ensure all data is in compliance with the current RISC standard(s) and to deliver all final TEM/PEM products to the province, including the relevant QA documentation. All applicable QA documentation must be submitted to the province in accordance with procedures outlined in the following documents:

  • Standard for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) - Digital Data Capture, Version 3.0 (RIC 2000), Errata No. 1.0 (PDF 239KB)
  • Standard for Predictive Ecosystem Mapping - Digital Data Capture, Version 1.0 (RIC 2000) (PDF 205KB)

Quality Assurance information specific to individual mapping projects is accessible through the Data Warehouse.

The Quality Assurance Guidelines may also serve as a guide to quality control measures undertaken by a TEM or PEM practitioner. A Protocol for Accuracy Assessment of Ecosystem Maps is also available that may be used in conjunction with the QA guidelines and/or as a method of internal quality control.