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Biodiversity/Environmental Information Resources e-Library

EIRS (Environmental Information Resources System)

Welcome to the Biodiversity / Environmental Information Resources e-Library - a searchable catalogue that provides access to a broad range of environmental and natural resource information for B.C., including publications on species and the habitats in which they live.

British Columbia is the most biologically diverse province or territory in Canada, with over 95 million hectares comprised of a rich variety of habitats (ecosystems). Some of these ecosystems, such as the enormous boreal forest, occur in many other places in the world, while some are limited to B.C. What is unique to B.C. is the complicated mixture of these ecosystems across the province. The abundance of wildlife species in B.C. is a result of this variety.

Use this e-library to find and download digital copies (and link to suppliers for printed publications), copy links for ongoing access to often-referenced documents, and print or export lists of documents including:

  • species and ecosystems at risk brochures, fact sheets, status reports and recovery plans;
  • brochures on the ecology and conservation of mammals in B.C.;
  • watershed restoration publications;
  • fisheries management reports and technical circulars;
  • safety guides; and
  • a variety of other technical and non-technical documents.

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