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Environmental Protection Information Resources e-Library

EIRS (Environmental Information Resources System)

Welcome to the Environmental Information Resources System (EIRS) for Environmental Protection. EIRS-EP is a searchable catalogue that provides access to a broad range of environmental protection information for BC, including publications related to air quality, water quality, climate change, solid and liquid waste, recycling, product stewardship and more. Documents included in this catalogue include scientific and technical papers, air and water monitoring reports, policy, regulations and guidelines, brochures, maps and other environmental protection publications that may be of interest to the public and Ministry of Environment staff.

You can use this e-Library to find and download digital versions of available reports, cut and paste links for ongoing access to often-referenced documents, print or export lists of documents available on particular subjects, and even link to vendors like Crown Publications for the purchase of printed publications.

All documents in the Environmental Protection e-library were developed by or for the Ministry of Environment, or in cooperation with partners. You can also find links to other Ministry of Environment document e-libraries or catalogues such as the EIRS Biodiversity e-library, the Ministry Library and Ecocat, as well as links to many of our partner sites.

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