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(Environmental Protection Information Resources e-Library)

The Ministry of Environment has a large number of publications available on-line, accessible through a number of different sites, many through searchable e-libraries. Among the sites are the Reports and Publications link from the main ministry site and regional or headquarters ministry websites. You can access information in e-libraries on a range of topics, e.g., EIRS-EP: air quality, water quality, climate change and community waste reduction; EIRS Biodiversity: wildlife, endangered species, wildlife health, ecosystem (habitat) information; Ecocat: fisheries and groundwater; Ministry Library: a wide variety of ministry published documents; and Government Publications Services: a variety of documents published by the province. You can search the e-libraries individually or by using CLIR (Cross-Linked Information Resources) - an umbrella search application that allows users to search multiple sources of environmental and natural resource information simultaneously through a single search window. E-libraries included in CLIR are BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer, EIRS Biodiversity e-library, EIRS Environmental Protection e-library, EcoCat, the Ministry Technical Library, and Species Inventory Explorer.

This e-Library Help document (PDF 1.44 MB) provides help for EIRS only.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Launching EIRS

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3. Basic Search

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4. Advanced Search

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6. Tools

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