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Environmental Protection Information Resources


EIRS (Environmental Information Resources System)


Basic Search:

  • Enter words or phrases directly relevant to your search in the keyword field.
    Separate words with spaces. Enclose phrases with quotes " ".

    e.g. “air quality” emissions 2002 particulate "Prince George"


    “species at risk” 2006 “British Columbia”

Note: The basic search does not search within the body of the document itself.

  • Choose either Search for all words or Search for any words

    Search for all words searches for documents that include all of the terms entered.
    Using the example search terms above, the search results would include only those documents that included all of the terms and phrases in the keyword field, significantly limiting the likely hits, but targeting exactly the information desired.

    Search for any words searches for documents with any of the search terms present.
    Using the example search terms above, the search results would include all the documents that included any of the terms or phrases, thereby significantly increasing the number of likely hits.
  • If you are getting too many results, try choosing more words to narrow your results.

Advanced Search:

  • Title: Enter all or a portion of the title. For the best results, enclose known phrases in “ ”.
  • Series Title: Choose from the drop down list, particularly if you wish to find all documents in a particular series, or restrict your search to documents that match your other criteria and are in a specific series.
  • Topic: Choose from the drop down list. If you cannot find the topic you are looking for, try using the basic keyword search.
  • Author : use this to search both Primary Author and Contributing Author fields. Note that the result set will display only the Primary Author (screen and report space limitation).
  • Year : Search criteria can be entered in a variety of ways to achieve different results, e.g.,
    • 2001 – provides documents published in 2001 only
    • 1992, 1994 – provides documents published in 1992 or 1994 only
    • 1991-1995 – provides documents published from 1991 through 1995 inclusive
    • 199* - provides documents from 1990-1999 inclusive
  • Report Number : e.g., search for R27 returns all reports containing R27. IF you wish to search for all e.g., wildlife bulletins, use the Series
  • Species Name: Scientific Name and English Name values are linked to each other. Enter name* and select the radio button for Scientific or English. “Either” will search for the term in both fields.

*NOTE that you can enter a complete name or part of a name. Entering the complete name restricts the search and will reduce the number of results significantly.

Search Results:

Sorting Results:

  • Results display in alphabetic order by title (default)
  • Re-sort results by clicking the up and down arrows beside the Title, Author and Date.
  • Only one sort will work at a time, i.e., you can either sort by title (default), by author, or by date, but not in combination. However, if you sort by either author or date, titles will appear alphabetically by author or by date respectively.

Multi-page Results:

  • If you have 10 or fewer search results only one page will be displayed.
  • If no abstract exists, no check mark will appear.

Modify Search:

  • Results display in alphabetic order by title (default).

Printer-friendly Results:

  • View and print results by clicking on the Printer-Friendly button at the bottom of the results page. This will format your results to be printed on a standard letter-size page.
  • If you have opened Abstracts for any of the documents, then choose the printer-friendly option, the abstracts will remain visible on the printed version.

Export Results:

  • Export your results, e.g., for use in creating reference lists. Export to TSV will allow you to convert the content to a table format in MS Word. Export to CSV will allow you create an Excel spreadsheet. See Catalogue Help for more details.


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