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Welcome to EMS WR

March 2008

Environmental Monitoring System Web Reporting (EMS WR) provides read-only access to data in the Environmental Monitoring System. The purpose of EMS WR is to give registered ministry staff, B.C. health authorities and Qualified Environmental Professionals access to provincial environmental - quality sampling data, and to allow water purveyors access to specific drinking-water data in EMS.

>> EMS WR Online User Guide

NOTE: The EMS WR Authentication method (UserID and Password) has changed.

  • External users (Qualified Environmental Professionals and Health Authority Staff) must register a BCeID for our Online Service. If you already have a BCeID (or once you have obtained your BCeID) please send a request to the NRS Business Servicedesk (250-952-6801 or toll free 1-866-952-6801) with your BCeID information to be granted access to EMS WR.
  • Government employees who already have access to EMS WR will be authenticated with their IDIR UserID and Password.
  • Government employees who do not have access to EMS WR must send a request to the NRS Business Servicedesk (250-952-6801 or toll free 1-866-952-6801).

Once you have done this, you may access EMS WR by clicking on the login button below:


(NOTE: The "NRS Business Servicedesk" refers to the computer-support helpdesk that serves the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, and the Ministry of Environment.)