B.C. Air Quality

Auditing Procedures

Audits are performed on the air monitoring instruments as well as on the monitoring system as a whole. As part of the audit, the audit team will review the internal operational parameters of the instruments and the documentation that is at the station.

The audit team gives regional staff and individual permit holders seven to fourteen days notice of an impending audit. However, the team can perform unannounced audits as well. After notice of an impending audit has been given, an air monitor cannot be calibrated, and no adjustments should be made to the instruments or support equipment in the station.

If a monitoring station fails an audit, the audit team will perform quarterly audits until the station passes. The results of the audits are fed into the Ministry of Environment's data quality assurance program for the validation of air quality data in British Columbia. This is also in conjunction with the quarterly calibrations that the air technician responsible for each station is required to perform.

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