B.C. Air Quality

How We Audit Air Quality Monitoring in British Columbia

Twice a year, the Ministry of Environment's air audit team audits every air quality monitoring station in British Columbia that falls under provincial jurisdiction. This includes both ministry-operated sites and monitoring stations that are regulated under industry permits, such as continuous emissions monitors for industrial stacks and ambient air monitors.

The purpose of the audit is to ensure the continuing quality of the data collected from the air monitoring stations. The audit provides a standardized reference for all data collected from an instrument after the completion of the audit and acts as a reference for all data collected from the point of the previous instrument audit.

The audit team performs its function as part of a quality assurance system. The audits are a tool to allow regional technicians to verify the results of their own calibrations. The audit team serves as a fresh set of eyes in often familiar operational conditions and as a knowledge base of experience in the operation of air quality stations.

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