Current Nitrogen Dioxide - NO2 Data Map

View the latest NO2 data. Data is refreshed every 60 minutes. Instructions on how to use the map are below.

Please note that air quality data may be missing for many reasons that are beyond our control including local power or communications outages, instrument calibration cycles or failure.

NO2 ppb (1hr)

* Exceeding 1-hr Objective.
50 - 100
25 - 50
20 - 25
15 - 20
10 - 15
0 - 10
No NO2 data

Pollutant Objective

100 ppb

An Air Quality Objective is the provincial acceptable limit for NO2 concentration, averaged over a 1-hour period.

Read more about the province's Air Quality Objectives and Standards.

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How to use the map

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  • Zoom in to view individual stations: Use the + and - buttons on the top left of the map to increase or decrease the magnification size of the map
  • View station data: All circles represent an air monitoring stations. Click on a circle to view that station's data.
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  • PM2.5 = fine particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns (millionths of a metre)
  • PM10 = small particles with a diameter of 10 microns
  • O3 = ozone
  • NO2 = nitrogen dioxide
  • SO2 = sulphur dioxide
  • ppb = parts per billion
  • ppm = parts per million
  • µg/m3 = micrograms per cubic metre
  • N/A = Readings are monitored but are not available at this time.


Data is refreshed every 60 minutes. View our data license agreement and disclaimer.

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