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  • PM2.5 = fine particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns (millionths of a metre)
  • PM10 = small particles with a diameter of 10 microns
  • O3 = ozone
  • NO2 = nitrogen dioxide
  • SO2 = sulphur dioxide
  • ppb = parts per billion
  • ppm = parts per million
  • µg/m3 = micrograms per cubic metre
  • N/A = Readings are monitored but are not available at this time.

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The data and information displayed on this site has been collected on a near "real time" basis by automated monitors. It is preliminary in nature and has not yet been tested or verified. Therefore, it may be subject to change, without notice, pending subsequent review and verification. At this time, it is provided as a "public service" on an "as is" basis without warranty, whether express or implied, as to its quality, accuracy, suitability, reliability, usability, completeness, timeliness or applicability for particular purposes. The application of quality assurance and verification procedures to the data and information may result in differences between what is currently displayed and what will become the official record.

Missing Data and Instrument Calibration:

Instruments that measure O3, NO2, SO2, TRS, H2S, and CO all perform an automated test each day to ensure the equipment is operating properly. These tests take 1 hour to complete. Data are not available (NA) while the equipment test is taking place.