B.C. Air Quality

What are Air Quality Readings?

The quality of the air is determined by measuring the amount of pollutants that pose significant risks to human and environmental health. Air quality readings are a way of transforming complex air-quality measurements into a single number or descriptive term(s).

These readings are derived from the data collected by air quality monitoring. In B.C., monitoring is carried out by the Province, Metro Vancouver, and industry, in co-operation with Environment Canada and regional districts. To learn more, see Air Quality Monitoring.

Air Quality Indexes and Advisories

Air quality indexes report on the readings obtained through air quality monitoring. These indexes are indicators of the air quality in a given location, based on specific air quality standards. Various agencies around the world uses indexes, though definitions may change between places.

Air quality data is also used as the basis of air quality advisories, which the Ministry of Environment's regional offices issue when air pollution has reached a significant level.

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