B.C. Air Quality

Campfires and Beach Fires

Campfires and beach fires can release a significant amount of smoke and fine particulates into the air around us. Burning salt-laden wood in beach fires releases dioxins and furans, which are very toxic.

A growing number of communities are passing bylaws that regulate campfires and beach fires, along with backyard burning and open burning (land-clearing fires). For more information on municipal burning bylaws, see Inventory of Air Quality Bylaws in British Columbia for Anti-Idling, Open Burning and Wood-Burning Appliances (PDF: 1017 KB/197 pages).

Campfires and beach fires are controlled for wildfire prevention under the Wildfire Act and Wildfire Regulation. For more information on how these laws apply to campfires, and for advice on building better campfires, view the following brochure from the Ministry of Forests and Range: Stoves and Campfires: A Guide to Open Fires in Outdoor Stoves and Category 1 Open Fires (PDF: 412 KB/2 pages).

For information on open fire bans, campfire bans, and forest use restrictions, visit the Ministry of Forests and Range Open Fire Ban page.

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